Step by Step – Installing NetScaler Green Bubble Theme with no internet access

For those new to NetScaler and unix (like me), this might save you some time.  In attempting to follow this Citrix blog post on uploading the Green Bubble theme (, I found the instructions are high level and assume you already know your way around a NetScaler :)

I spent nearly an hour messing around trying to determine the exact commands to install this theme without Internet access, so to save others the time and frustration here are the step by step commands.

1. Download the script file and theme to your PC, eg and
2. SSH to your NetScaler (ie use Putty) and enter the shell command
3. Run the following command:

mkdir /var/vpn/customizations

4. Use WinSCP to connect to your NetScaler. Copy the downloaded script file (GreenBubble.txt) to the /root folder and the GreenBubble1.gz file to /var/vpn/customizations
5. Run the following commands:

cd /var/vpn/customizations
gunzip GreenBubble1.gz
tar -xvf GreenBubble1
cd /root
mv GreenBubble.txt
chmod +x

6. Hopefully now you have the theme installed, watch for errors in the script. A successfull output should look like this:

+ basename ./ .sh
+ SKINNAME=GreenBubble1
+ SKINARC=GreenBubble1.gz
+ SKINDIR=/var/vpn/customizations
+ DL=/tmp
+ EPA=ns_gui/epa/epa.html
+ [ -d /var/vpn/customizations/GreenBubble1 ]
+ fgrep var nsversion= /var/vpn/customizations/GreenBubble1/ns_gui/epa/epa.html
+ cut -d -f2
+ echo
+ tr , .
+ nsapimgr -d hwinfo
+ grep Version:
+ sed -e s/Version: NetScaler NS// -e s/: Build /\./ -e s/, Date.*//
+ cut -d. -f1,2,3,4
+ echo
+ tr . ,
+ COMMAVER=10,0,54,7
+ [ != ]
+ cp -rf /var/vpn/customizations/GreenBubble1/ /netscaler/
+ cp ./ /var/vpn/customizations
+ chmod 755 /var/vpn/customizations/
+ touch /nsconfig/
+ chmod 755 /nsconfig/
+ fgrep -q /var/vpn/customizations/ /nsconfig/

7. Reboot and enjoy green bubbly goodness :)

Note that if you have two NetScalers in a HA pair, you will need to perform these steps on both units.