StoreFront Legacy PNA Tips

Just a quick post on a couple of StoreFront Legacy PNA customisations I’ve implemented for customers, as you won’t find these documented in eDocs or the Citrix KB (that i’ve seen anyway!)

To enable SSON for Legacy PNA sites

To enable single sign-on, edit the file:

Change the line:

<pnaProtocolResources changePasswordAllowed="ExpiredOnly" logonMethod="prompt"


<pnaProtocolResources changePasswordAllowed="ExpiredOnly" logonMethod="sson"

(ie change “prompt” to “sson”)

Edit the file:

Change the line:

<LogonMethod><%= ViewData[PnaConfigViewConstants.LogonMethodId]%></LogonMethod>



(ie change “<%= ViewData[PnaConfigViewConstants.LogonMethodId]%>” to “sson” (without quotes))

Change the line:

<EnableKerberos><%= ViewData[PnaConfigViewConstants.EnableKerberosId] %></EnableKerberos>



Remember your clients need to be configured to support SSON as well, as per CTX133982 or CTX134280.

To change Start Menu folder for Legacy PNA apps

By default, shortcuts to the Citrix published applications will appear in the root of the Programs folder on the Start Menu.  To place all published apps under a sub-folder (which was a GUI option in the old Web Interface console), edit the file:

Change the line:

<RootFolder root="programs" modifiable="true" forcedefault="false"></RootFolder>


<RootFolder root="programs" modifiable="true" forcedefault="false">Citrix Apps</RootFolder>

(ie add “Citrix Apps” or substitute whatever folder name you like(without quotes))

Lastly – remember that if you have more than one StoreFront server in a cluster, make these changes on your primary server with the StoreFront console closed.  Then open the console and propagate the changes to the remaining StoreFront servers in the cluster.

Edit – note these customisations were tested with StoreFront 2.5, they may or may not work for other versions :)

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